I See A World With RoverTown

Today I was driving back from a board meeting for the Parkway School District Spark incubator program.  The meeting was a 3 hour sumit of St. Louis business excutives with the purpose of designing an educational program that would accept 15 young students intereted in getting involved in entreprenurship into a year long program.
While in the meeting, I received an email from Arch Grants notifying me that RoverTown was the recipient of the $100,000 follow on grant.  I thought about the signifigance of this, as I often do, in pich form.  What I mean by that is I developed a pitch in my head to present this news in the best light possible.

Here is the pitch (let me know what you think): RoverTown was selected from over 707 applications from around the world as one of 20 winners to receive a $50,000 Arch Grant.  That means RoverTown fell into the top 3% of all aplicants.  Today, RoverTown was selected  as one of two companies (out of the origional 20 winners) to receive the $100,000 follow on grant funding.  This now places RoverTown in the top .02%.

After saying that pitch over in my head. I called my mom & dad to give them the good news.  I presented the pitch to my parents and my mother began yelling with joy.  After some congratuatory bantor back and fourth I hung up the phone and stared at the road as I drove back to RoverTown HQ in downtown STL.

My stomach growled and I realized that I hadn’t ate any food all day.  I needed to locate some food, any food, fast.

It was at this moment 5 p.m. traffic stopped me at a light and I looked in the review mirror.  I stared myself directly in the eyes and it hit me– I see a world with RoverTown.

Not the RoverTown that I know and love today but something bigger.  Something far greater.  Something bigger than me or any of the other RoverTeamers.  It is our job to bring this to the world.

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