Entrepreneurs Are Like Marines

When no one else will do it– send in the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur sees opportunity where the traditional businessman sees risk.  However, risk is a necessary evil to build new business.

If no risk was involved everyone would do it.

capitol1Last week, I drove 2 hours to the Missouri Capital building in Jefferson City to testify in front of the Senate in favor of bill 1495.  Bill 1495 will add significant value to organizations such as Arch Grants and the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC).  Both Arch Grants and MTC have provided funding and support services for RoverTown.  I have seen first hand how a small amount of money can make a huge difference for our company and others in these programs.  If you want to learn more about Bill 1495, click here.

While waiting for my turn, I watched a variety of people sit in front of the Senators and pour their hearts out in favor (or against) Bill 1495.  Most wphoto (12)ould read a well thought out speech printed out on a crinkled or neatly folded 8.5 in x 11 in sheet of white paper.

I couldn’t help but notice how standard this was for the senators.  The person giving the testimony was pouring their heart out.  The senators were wondering what they would have for lunch.

Finally, it was my turn.  As I waited in the narrow aisle with men and women in suits sitting next to me, I took a moment to snap a quick photo.  My name was called and I sat down a few feet away from the senators. I leaned in to the microphone and detailed RoverTown’s history from a startup in my bedroom to our fancy Washington Ave office with 8 employees.

As I wrapped up my speech, it hit me– entrepreneurs are like Marines.

“Entrepreneurs are like Marines”, I told the senators.  “Give us seed capital and we will fix the economy– or die trying.”

The economy is under siege right now.  Send in the entrepreneurs to get the job done.

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